Western Canada is
the entrepreneurial
heart of the country.
It has led the nation's GDP growth and is expected to outpace the nation's growth trajectory.
Real estate is a big part of that success, representing $2T*.
*Statistics Canada
The opportunity is vast. Get involved.

Invest West.

Giavest™ Capital MIC believes in the potential of Western Canadian land and the bright entrepreneurs who build thriving communities.

We also believe in the true Canadian values of transparency, accountability, and honesty, and these values continue to drive our service and operations today.

Honest & Forthright

Every month, Giavest™ Capital MIC pays distributions that represent the actual return on your investment (net fees and expenses).

Accountable & Compliant

We follow regulatory requirements and maintain a compliance team, ensuring our investors best interests are protected.

Transparent & Timely

We post fund performance online monthly and electronic investor statements are available.

About MICs

A MIC (Mortgage Investment Corporation) is a fund that lets you invest indirectly in the real estate lending market. Your capital buys shares in a company that acquires and maintains a portfolio of mortgages.

The investment objectives of a MIC are to preserve investor capital and generate a return that pays distributions. They are also an opportunity to own shares in a tax-efficient fund that invests in real mortgages on real property.



Real Mortgages. Real Values.

Giavest™ Capital MIC is for investors who trust real people and support real mortgages on real property over NFTs, crypto, SPACs, and meme stocks. For investors who are entrepreneurs at heart. And for investors who are energized by the potential of ambitious real estate lending projects.

Our investors are comfortable accepting a level of risk and illiquidity in exchange for the opportunity to invest in the real estate lending industry, preserve their capital, and generate monthly income.*

*Giavest™ Capital MIC is a speculative offering that involves risk factors.

Our investors live and work in Western Canada and they want to invest in what they know.

Giavest™ Capital MIC is part of an organization with a professional team that generally focuses on first position mortgages to residential, for-profit builders and developers located in Western Canada. This includes thriving urban destinations like Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, Calgary, Edmonton, Interior B.C. and surrounding bedroom communities. When you invest in Giavest™ Capital MIC, you support the growth and vibrancy of these key regions and the pioneering, entrepreneurial communities they support.

We focus on first-position residential mortgages to profit-focused developers in Western Canada.

We invest where we live, turning hand-selected Western Canadian real estate lending opportunities into a rewarding portfolio of mortgage investments for investors with the objective to preserve capital, generate returns, and provide income. Every mortgage investment is constructed by a management team with deep knowledge of the local markets.

On-site visits are conducted by our team to identify lending opportunities that demonstrate optimal location, development quality, credit profile, the potential for capital appreciation, and prospects for income generation. Every mortgage is structured, reviewed, approved, and actively managed.

Primary 1st mortgages (1)

A high percentage of primary mortgages in the portfolio ensures the lender is in priority position.

Gross weighted average (1)(2)

With the majority of mortgages yielding upwards of 8% interest per annum, before deductions of fees and expenses. Net yield to investors will differ.

LTV ratio (1)(3)

With a loan-to-value ratio of 75% or lower for most mortgages, the Giavest™ Capital MIC is constructed to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

(1) At August 31, 2023. (2) Gross weighted average loan interest rate per annum charged by Giavest™ Capital MIC to borrowers before the deduction of fees and expenses. The gross weighted average loan interest rate per annum many differ from the net yield to investors as a result. Finance income (Loan Interest Rate) is recognized when it is probable that the economic benefits will flow to Giavest Capital MIC and the amount of revenue can be measured reliably. Where a Mortgage is not in good standing, the recognition of finance income is dependent on the timing of the receipt of cash flows from the borrower. (3) Weighted average estimated Loan-to-Value ratio at the date the mortgage is acquired or funds are initially committed.

Not the Wild West.

Giavest™ Capital MIC harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit and real estate potential of Canada’s thriving western region, and there’s nothing “wild” about this Western Canadian investment. Giavest™ Capital MIC is managed with an emphasis on preserving capital, maximizing dividends, and serving our investors’ best interests at every step.

Compliance and Accountability

Giavest™ Capital MIC and its organisation members operate in a regulated environment that's designed to protect investors interests.

Givavest™ Capital MIC operations are structured to minimize conflicts of interest and support diligence and accountability, with separate divisions that evaluate investment opportunities, conduct borrower due diligence, and subscribe investors to the fund.

Giavest™ Capital MIC is managed by a restricted portfolio manager and is part of an organization with separate divisions.

Each of the separate entities are registered with various provincial securities commissions and mortgage brokerage associations. Giavest™ Capital MIC is audited annually by a reputable national auditing firm.

The Team

Giavest™ Capital is a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) supported by a professional team with 60+ years of collective industry experience. Giavest™ Capital MIC and other entities with the same manager have funded over $2.0B in mortgage investment since 2010.

Jeevan Khunkhun
Jeevan Khunkhun
President and Director of Giavest™ Capital MIC, President and Director, CareVest® Capital Inc.

As president and director of CareVest® Capital Inc., and for Giavest™ Capital MIC, Jeevan is a key leader of our Western team for over 15 years. He is responsible for sourcing, underwriting, negotiating and managing both new and existing mortgages in British Columbia and Alberta.

Prior to joining CareVest® in 2006, Jeevan was a senior manager in the commercial real estate division of the Royal Bank of Canada. Jeevan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the University of Manitoba.

Jeevan has a strong belief in giving back to his community and is the proud recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his contributions and service.

Mike Helfer
Director of Giavest™ Capital MIC, VP and Advising Representative, Carecana Management Corp

Mike’s career in real estate lending and commercial mortgages began in 1997. Prior to 2007, he held management positions in real estate finance for a major Canadian chartered bank and a large life insurance company.

In 2007, Mike joined CareVest® Capital Inc., a Canadian commercial mortgage broker and lender, and transitioned to the role of vice president and broker in 2016. He is currently a director of Giavest™ Capital MIC and is part of the management team supporting the building of the mortgage portfolio.

Roy Goddard
Director of Giavest™ Capital MIC, President and Advising Representative, Carecana Management Corp

Roy’s career in real estate lending, development and mortgage services began in 1998 and includes executive roles in management, finance, and compliance.

From 2003 to 2015, he was the chief financial officer of CareVest® Capital Inc., the Canadian commercial mortgage broker and lender for the mortgages in Giavest™ Capital MIC’s portfolio.

From 2012 to 2015, he was the chief compliance officer at Carecana. Roy held earlier roles as CFO and controller at a real estate development and mortgage services company.

Stay up to date on our mortgage portfolio

Interested in an update on our mortgage portfolio?  Our latest monthly update is provided by our Investment Fund Manager, CarecanaTM Management Corp.