Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) are an investment that allows investors to generate income from Canadian real estate lending markets by pooling investor funds to provide private mortgages to borrowers as an alternative source of financing to what’s available from traditional mortgage providers. MICs in Canada have been around for 40 years and have played an important role in the real estate lending market.


The start of MICs in Canada

In 1973 the Residential Mortgage Financing Act (repealed) paved the way for private mortgage financing which made investments in the real estate lending market more accessible to smaller investors. Starting in 1985, MICs have been primarily regulated by the Income Tax Act, which sets out the rules that apply to MICs and their shareholders.


Types of Mortgages 

MICs provide financing for residential and commercial mortgages. At present, MICs continue to play a significant role in the Canadian mortgage market, providing an alternative source of financing for borrowers and a way for investors to get indirectly involved in the mortgage lending market. 


The future of MICs

It is difficult to predict how MICs will evolve in the future. Nevertheless, they will likely remain key sources of financing for real estate projects, playing an important role in the mortgage market. 


Investing with Giavest™ Capital MIC

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