Many people have Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), but did you know you could invest in a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) on a tax-deferred basis, using your RRSP savings?  MICs allow investors to generate income by investing indirectly in the Canadian real estate lending market.  MICs pool investor funds to provide private mortgages and then pay dividends to investors. By holding a MIC in your RRSP, your dividend income could be tax-deferred.


You can take advantage of RRSP investment options.


If you hold a self-directed RRSP, you have the freedom to choose what specific investments to include in your RRSP account.  This allows you to invest in traditional investment products such as stocks or mutual funds.  But it also allows you to invest in alternative investments such as MICs that are eligible RRSP investments.  Investing in MICs with your RRSP allows individuals to use their RRSP savings to invest in a tax-efficient investment fund while still enjoying the benefits of an RRSP.

Investing in a MIC through an RRSP is one way to benefit from the tax advantages of an RRSP.  However, it is still important to remain an informed investor.  Do your research, learn about MICs and understand the risk before making any investments.


Why invest with Giavest  Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation


When you invest with Giavest Capital MIC, you get to:

  • Invest in shares that are a qualified investment for deferred plans like RRSP, RRIF and TFSA 
  • Indirectly invest in the real estate lending market; get your foot in the door!
  • Invest with people with truly Canadian values of transparency, accountability, and honesty.
  • Invest with real people and support real mortgages on real property.


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Giavest™ Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation is a Canadian exempt market product intended for distribution by way of an Offering Memorandum only in those jurisdictions where it may sell securities through a registered exempt market dealer, and this information is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of securities. There are no guarantees of future performance or dividends. Prospective investors should read the Offering Memorandum before making an investment decision.  This does not constitute tax advice, and you are advised to consult a tax professional to obtain advice on your income tax consequences.  Giavest™ Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation is not a qualified custodian authorized to hold RRSPs, but is an eligible investment product for RRSPs.